Flowers in a Vase, 1905 (oil on card) by Edouard Vuillard

Flowers in a Vase, 1905 (oil on card)

(Blumen in einer Vase, 1905 )

Edouard Vuillard

Symbolism  ·  flowers
fleurs dans un vase · interior · bouquet · vase · arrangement · still life · table · roses · lilac · nabis · post-impressionist · interior
Flowers in a Vase, 1905 (oil on card) by Edouard Vuillard
1905   ·  oil on card  ·  19.95 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 136325   ·  Musee des Beaux-Arts, Lille, France /
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Sylvie d.
Art Print on Photo paper matte/satin, 35cm x 27cm.
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Blumen in einer Vase, 1905  (AT) Blumen in einer Vase, 1905  (DE) Blumen in einer Vase, 1905  (CH) Flowers in a Vase, 1905 (oil on card) (US) Fiori in un vaso, 1905 (olio su carta) (IT) Fleurs dans un vase, 1905 (huile sur carte) (FR) Flowers in a vase, 1905 (olie op kaart) (NL) Flores en un jarrón, 1905 (óleo sobre tarjeta) (ES) Цветы в вазе, 1905 (масло на карте) (RU) फूलदान में फूल, 1905 (कार्ड पर तेल) (HI) 鲜花盛开,1905年(油卡) (ZH) Flores em um vaso, 1905 (óleo no cartão) (PT)

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