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The cook by Caspar Netscher

The cook

(Die Köchin)

Caspar Netscher

Unclassified artists
object · work and vocation · female · in costume · naturalism of xvii century · period · renaissance-baroque styles and periods · person or scene · diet · work · uffizi gallery · utensil · person · portrait · cook · clothing · housework · europe · fashion and clothing · popular · painting
The cook by Caspar Netscher
Undated   ·  -  ·  8.43 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 639500   ·  Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence, Tuscany, Italy / bridgemanimages.com
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Die Köchin (AT) Die Köchin (DE) Die Köchin (CH) The cook (US)
Il cuoco (IT) Le cuisinier (FR) De kok (NL) El cocinero (ES) Повар (RU)
बावर्ची (HI) O cozinheiro (PT)

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Die Köchin (AT) Die Köchin (DE) Die Köchin (CH) The cook (US) Il cuoco (IT) Le cuisinier (FR) De kok (NL) El cocinero (ES) Повар (RU) बावर्ची (HI) O cozinheiro (PT)

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