Jesus  by Carlo Dolci



Carlo Dolci

jesus · prayer · bread · wine · sacraments · religion · religious · christian · christ · heaven
Jesus by Carlo Dolci
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Jesus (AT) Jesus (DE) Jesus (CH) Jesus  (US)
Gesù (IT) Jésus (FR) Jezus (NL) Jesús (ES) Иисус (RU)
यीशु (HI) 耶稣 (ZH) Jesus (PT) イエス (JP) يسوع (AE)

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Jesus (AT) Jesus (DE) Jesus (CH) Jesus  (US) Gesù (IT) Jésus (FR) Jezus (NL) Jesús (ES) Иисус (RU) यीशु (HI) 耶稣 (ZH) Jesus (PT) イエス (JP) يسوع (AE)

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