Portrait of Andrew Johnson (1808-75)  by American School

Portrait of Andrew Johnson (1808-75)

(Porträt von Andrew Johnson (1808-75))

American School

seventeenth · male · american · politician · statesman
Portrait of Andrew Johnson (1808-75) by American School
Undated   ·  lithograph  ·  18.11 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 95243   ·  Private Collection / bridgemanimages.com
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Porträt von Andrew Johnson (1808-75) (AT) Porträt von Andrew Johnson (1808-75) (DE) Porträt von Andrew Johnson (1808-75) (CH) Portrait of Andrew Johnson (1808-75)  (US) Ritratto di Andrew Johnson (1808-1875) (IT) Portrait d'Andrew Johnson (1808-1875) (FR) Portret van Andrew Johnson (1808-75) (NL) Retrato de Andrew Johnson (1808-75) (ES) Портрет Эндрю Джонсона (1808-75) (RU) एंड्रयू जॉनसन का चित्र (1808-75) (HI) 安德鲁约翰逊的肖像(1808-75) (ZH) Retrato de Andrew Johnson (1808-1875) (PT)

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