The Holy Family, c.1540 by Agnolo Bronzino

The Holy Family, c.1540

(Die Heilige Familie, um 1540)

Agnolo Bronzino

italy · painting · virgin · renaissance · mary · bible · new testament · joseph · madonna · christ child · virgin and child · holy family · florentine school · infant christ · mother of god · oil on wood · bible · bronzino · agnolo 1503-1572 · the holy family with the young john the baptist · panciatichi holy family
The Holy Family, c.1540 by Agnolo Bronzino
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Die Heilige Familie, um 1540 (AT) Die Heilige Familie, um 1540 (DE) Die Heilige Familie, um 1540 (CH) The Holy Family, c.1540 (US)
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Die Heilige Familie, um 1540 (AT) Die Heilige Familie, um 1540 (DE) Die Heilige Familie, um 1540 (CH) The Holy Family, c.1540 (US)  (IT)  (FR)  (NL)  (ES)  (RU)  (HI)  (ZH)  (PT)

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