Painting Frames Enza

Painting Frames "Enza"

Eisen • Serie: Foundry • Width: 28mm • Height: 30mm
Almost a cuddly character shows the picture frame Enza. The surface looks like brown velvet and lets the viewer think of the soft, warm properties of Enza. Nevertheless, it is a real wood frame, which is a great companion for any art print with its almost square shape. In height, Enza measures 30 millimeters and 28 millimeters wide. The frame consists of a single strip, which is worked at right angles and whose corners are slightly rounded. With this form Enza convinces with an elegant simplicity. This is joined in a cozy round the velvety surface. It is created on this frame by various shades of brown, which act by bright effects such as light effect on a velvet - a truly artistic clou of the designer. This broad "velvet stripe" in the middle of the frame Enza is again accompanied by two narrow light brown stripes in the upper and lower area. These come closer to the element of wood, they are provided with a small structure, which are equal to a wood grain.
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