De slaapkamer by Vincent van Gogh

De slaapkamer

(The bedroom)

Vincent van Gogh

Post impressionism  ·  Interior
yellow · green · blue · bedroom · chairs · windows · pictures · picture frames
De slaapkamer by Vincent van Gogh
1888   ·  Öl auf Leinwand  ·  714.09 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 10802
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Sandra M.
Art print on Canvas glossy, 39cm x 31cm, stretched on stretcher.
On the painting depicting the room of the artist Vincent van Gogh, you can see that it is simply furnished. The room looks very rustic. The colors are, typical of Van Gogh, very thick and coarsely applied, with thick black dividing lines. Although the painter thought that it should be a picture on which the eye finds peace, the view keeps jumping back and forth between the strong contrasts. It is interesting that van Gogh wrote in letters of the color violet used in the painting. But when you look at the painting, you see no violet, only blue to light blue walls. In the spring of 2016, researchers announced the probable reason for the different color descriptions: by exposure to light, the colors have faded and therefore the originally purple color is now blue. Investigations on the other two versions of the painting confirmed this result. © Meisterdrucke
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Das Schlafzimmer (AT) Das Schlafzimmer (DE) Das Schlafzimmer (CH) The bedroom (US)
la camera da letto (IT) la chambre (FR) De slaapkamer (NL) El dormitorio (ES) Спальня (RU)
शयनकक्ष (HI) 卧室 (ZH) O quarto (PT) 寝室 (JP) غرفة النوم (AE)

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Das Schlafzimmer (AT) Das Schlafzimmer (DE) Das Schlafzimmer (CH) The bedroom (US) la camera da letto (IT) la chambre (FR) De slaapkamer (NL) El dormitorio (ES) Спальня (RU) शयनकक्ष (HI) 卧室 (ZH) O quarto (PT) 寝室 (JP) غرفة النوم (AE)

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