Pieta, 1553 (marble) by Michelangelo Buonarroti

Pieta, 1553 (marble)

(Pieta, 1553 (Marmor))

Michelangelo Buonarroti

Renaissance  ·  Photographs of old objects
renaissance · virgin mary · jesus christ · dead · passion · mourning · mary magdalene · aimathie · nicodeme
Pieta, 1553 (marble) by Michelangelo Buonarroti
1553   ·  marble  ·  24.92 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 189121   ·  Opera del Duomo, Florence, Italy / bridgemanimages.com
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Pieta, 1553 (Marmor) (AT) Pieta, 1553 (Marmor) (DE) Pieta, 1553 (Marmor) (CH) Pieta, 1553 (marble) (US)
Pieta, 1553 (marmo) (IT) Pieta, 1553 (marbre) (FR) Pieta, 1553 (marmer) (NL) Pieta, 1553 (mármol) (ES) Пьета, 1553 (мрамор) (RU)
पीटा, 1553 (संगमरमर) (HI) Pieta, 1553 (mármore) (PT)

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Pieta, 1553 (Marmor) (AT) Pieta, 1553 (Marmor) (DE) Pieta, 1553 (Marmor) (CH) Pieta, 1553 (marble) (US) Pieta, 1553 (marmo) (IT) Pieta, 1553 (marbre) (FR) Pieta, 1553 (marmer) (NL) Pieta, 1553 (mármol) (ES) Пьета, 1553 (мрамор) (RU) पीटा, 1553 (संगमरमर) (HI) Pieta, 1553 (mármore) (PT)

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