Sheep  by Karel Dujardin



Karel Dujardin

painter · painters · artist · artists · painting · 17th century · dutch · dutch golden age · sheep · animals · livestock · rustic
Sheep by Karel Dujardin
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Schaf (AT) Schaf (DE) Schaf (CH) Sheep  (US)
pecora (IT) Mouton (FR) Schapen (NL) Oveja (ES) Овца (RU)
भेड़ (HI) 羊 (ZH) Ovelhas (PT) 羊 (JP) خروف (AE)

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Schaf (AT) Schaf (DE) Schaf (CH) Sheep  (US) pecora (IT) Mouton (FR) Schapen (NL) Oveja (ES) Овца (RU) भेड़ (HI) 羊 (ZH) Ovelhas (PT) 羊 (JP) خروف (AE)

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