Portrait of a Young Lady, c.1876  by John William Waterhouse

Portrait of a Young Lady, c.1876

(Porträt einer jungen Dame, um 1876)

John William Waterhouse

Realism  ·  Portraits
female · portrait · young · lady · victorian · seated · three-quarter length · garden · landscape · pre-raphaelite · pre raphaelite
Portrait of a Young Lady, c.1876 by John William Waterhouse
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Porträt einer jungen Dame, um 1876 (AT) Porträt einer jungen Dame, um 1876 (DE) Porträt einer jungen Dame, um 1876 (CH) Portrait of a Young Lady, c.1876  (US)
Ritratto di una giovane donna, 1876 ca. (IT) Portrait d'une jeune femme, vers 1876 (FR) Portret van een jonge dame, ca.1876 (NL) Retrato de una joven dama, c.1876 (ES) Портрет молодой леди, c.1876 (RU)
पोर्ट्रेट ऑफ़ ए यंग लेडी, c.1876 (HI) 一位小姐的画象,c.1876 (ZH) Retrato de uma jovem senhora, c.1876 (PT)

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