Vase with Flowers, c.1720  by Jan van Huysum

Vase with Flowers, c.1720

(Vase mit Blumen, c.1720)

Jan van Huysum

Unclassified artists  ·  flowers
still life · birds nest
Vase with Flowers, c.1720 by Jan van Huysum
Undated   ·  oil on mahogany panel  ·  17.57 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 212801   ·  Dulwich Picture Gallery, London, UK /
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Vase mit Blumen, c.1720 (AT) Vase mit Blumen, c.1720 (DE) Vase mit Blumen, c.1720 (CH) Vase with Flowers, c.1720  (US) Vaso con fiori, c.1720 (IT) Vase avec des fleurs, c.1720 (FR) Vaas met bloemen, c.1720 (NL) Jarrón con flores, c.1720 (ES) Ваза с цветами, c.1720 (RU) फूल के साथ फूलदान, c.1720 (HI) 花瓶,1720年 (ZH) Vaso com Flores, c.1720 (PT)

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