The Naked Maja by Francisco de Goya

The Naked Maja

(Die nackte Maja)

Francisco de Goya

Classicism  ·  Famous masterpieces  ·  Female nude
nude · reclining · la maja nude · seductive · female · portrait
The Naked Maja by Francisco de Goya
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Bastian F.
Art print on Canvas glossy, 99cm x 50cm, stretched on stretcher.
The oil painting by Francisco José de Goya shows "The naked Maya" which actually means from Spanish translated "The naked beauty". Maja means "young girl", so it may be assumed that this is not the name of the naked beauty. It was rumored that the nude model was the 13th Duchess of Alba, as this was repeatedly used by Francisco José de Goya as a muse, possibly also as his lover. However, the identity of the lady can not be proved. Neither, which was the reason for the creation of the picture. Another assumption was that it is not explicitly a person, but a mixture of several models. The oil painting is considered a scandal image par excellence. Lush and plump, the model is presented, bedded on soft pompoms. Pubic hair is visibly displayed. In 1815 Goya was placed before the Spanish Inquisition because of the obscenity of the painting. He was no longer royal court painter. Another picture of Goya emerged: "La maja vestida", which means "The clothed Maja". The dressed Maja seems to be more relaxed. It shows softer features and is more clearly defined. But that's in the eye of the beholder. © Meisterdrucke
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Die nackte Maja (AT) Die nackte Maja (DE) Die nackte Maja (CH) The Naked Maja (US)
La Naked Maja, c.1800 (IT) The Naked Maja, c.1800 (FR) De naakte Maja (NL) The Naked Maja, c.1800 (ES) Голая Майя (RU)
नग्न माजा (HI) A maja nua (PT)

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Die nackte Maja (AT) Die nackte Maja (DE) Die nackte Maja (CH) The Naked Maja (US) La Naked Maja, c.1800 (IT) The Naked Maja, c.1800 (FR) De naakte Maja (NL) The Naked Maja, c.1800 (ES) Голая Майя (RU) नग्न माजा (HI) A maja nua (PT)

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