Dunkerswell Abbey, August 20, 1783 by Francis Towne

Dunkerswell Abbey, August 20, 1783

(Dunker Well Abbey, August 20, 1783)

Francis Towne

Landscape painting
scene · cloudy · outside · landscape · dilapidated · ruins · soft · ancient · dedcaying · dunkerswell · abbey · august · 1783
Dunkerswell Abbey, August 20, 1783 by Francis Towne
1783   ·  Wasserfarbe auf Papier  ·  19.13 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 9021
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Dunkerswell Abbey, August 20, 1783 (AT) Dunkerswell Abbey, August 20, 1783 (DE) Dunkerswell Abbey, August 20, 1783 (CH) Dunker Well Abbey, August 20, 1783 (US)
Abbazia di Dunkerswell, 20 agosto 1783 (IT) Dunkerswell Abbey, le 20 août 1783 (FR) Abdij van Dunkerswell, 20 augustus 1783 (NL) Dunkerswell Abbey, 20 de agosto de 1783 (ES) Аббатство Дюнкерсвелл, 20 августа 1783 г. (RU)
डंकरवेल एबी, 20 अगस्त, 1783 (HI) 邓克斯韦尔修道院,1783年8月20日 (ZH) Abadia de Dunkerswell, 20 de agosto de 1783 (PT)

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