Female Nude Lying on her Stomach by Egon Schiele

Female Nude Lying on her Stomach

(Weiblicher Akt, der auf ihrem Bauch liegt)

Egon Schiele

Expressionism  ·  Female nude
painting · 20th century · europe · austria · schiele egon · contemporary age · literary and artistic currents and movements · avant-garde (first half of the twentieth century) · expressionism (germany from the end of the 19th) · vienna albertina (collection of graphic art) · german expressionism · german expressionist
Female Nude Lying on her Stomach by Egon Schiele
Undated   ·  0  ·  8.08 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 265440   ·  Graphische Sammlung Albertina, Vienna, Austria / bridgemanimages.com
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Andreas G.
Art print on Canvas glossy, 36cm x 23cm, stretched on stretcher.
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Weiblicher Akt, der auf ihrem Bauch liegt (AT) Weiblicher Akt, der auf ihrem Bauch liegt (DE) Weiblicher Akt, der auf ihrem Bauch liegt (CH) Female Nude Lying on her Stomach (US) Nudo femminile che si trova sul suo stomaco (IT) Nu féminin couché sur son estomac (FR) Vrouw Naakt Liggend op haar maag (NL) Desnudo femenino acostado en su estómago (ES) Обнаженная женщина лежит на животе (RU) महिला नग्न उसके पेट पर झूठ बोल रही है (HI) 女性裸体躺在她的肚子上 (ZH) Nu feminino deitado em seu estômago (PT)

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