Stehender weiblicher Akt mit Strümpfen by Egon Schiele

Stehender weiblicher Akt mit Strümpfen

(Standing female nude with stockings)

Egon Schiele

Expressionism  ·  Female nude
Stehender weiblicher Akt mit Strümpfen by Egon Schiele
1914   ·  Bleistift, Aquarell, Gouache  ·  21.23 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 24622
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Thomas N.
Art Print on Color cardboard, 32cm x 48cm, with 3cm additional border (White).
It was the time around 1900 in which the art scene of Vienna pulsated. Public discussions about morality and decency shape society and reveal the double standard of the Viennese population in terms of eroticism and passion. On the one hand, the ladies of fine society wear high-necked dresses, on the other hand, prostitutes offer their services very successfully. An organ with a finger tip is in these times the art scene of Vienna, to which Egon Schiele belongs. With his works, the artist creates mirrors with which he dares to show society its depths.

His depictions of naked people are irritating at first glance. The work "Standing female nude with stockings" reduces the female body almost exclusively to the contours. The legs are to recognize the approach of the stockings. The contours stand out against the bright background. The focus is on the red-colored lips and nipples. In addition, red shades give the body contour. The body looks emaciated and fingers seem to be missing on the left hand. The physical proportions are subject to the expressive freedom that Schiele allows in his later years. The arms are too long. The image of the body is more act, because erotic. The attitude of the model looks rigid and unnatural. Only the soft lines of the coal softens the impression. The clear contrast to the classical representation of women makes the painting a special element of art, which remains timeless through its timelessness. © Meisterdrucke
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Stehender weiblicher Akt mit Strümpfen (AT) Stehender weiblicher Akt mit Strümpfen (DE) Stehender weiblicher Akt mit Strümpfen (CH) Standing female nude with stockings (US) In piedi nudo femminile con le calze (IT) Debout nue femme avec des bas (FR) Staand vrouwelijk naakt met kousen (NL) Pie desnudo femenino con medias (ES) Стоящая обнаженная женщина с чулками (RU) स्टॉकिंग के साथ नग्न महिला खड़ी है (HI) 与丝袜的常设女性裸体 (ZH) Nu feminino em pé com meias (PT)

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