Evening on Karl Johan Street by Edvard Munch

Evening on Karl Johan Street

(Abend auf der Karl Johan Straße)

Edvard Munch

Expressionism  ·  Everyday scenes and work
painting · 19th century · states of mind · europe · anguish · munchmuseet · ghost · macabre · night · sinister · street scene · expressionist · top hat · crowd
Evening on Karl Johan Street by Edvard Munch
1892   ·  Öl auf Leinwand  ·  9.63 Megapixel  ·  Picture ID: 194884   ·  Munch-museet, Oslo, Norway / bridgemanimages.com
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The painting is one of the artist's early works and is part of his life-frieze cycle. It shows the Karl Johans gate, a boulevard Oslo - then called Kristiania. On the right side in the background are the stoning building and two towering poplars. On the left side of the picture are several townhouses with illuminated windows. The viewer is confronted in the evening with a crowd of crowded people who run straight towards him. The group of people consists of men - characterized by the wearing of cylinders - and women with straw hats. Their faces are frozen and expressionless, sometimes disfigured to the face. The eyes are wide open and rigid. To the right of this group of people there are more pedestrians, but they are only perceptible as shadows.
The color of the faces - in yellows and greens - stands in contrast to the blue-red color of the sky.

The choice of motive and perspective creates a sense of threat to the viewer. He can not avoid the crowd approaching him and is at the mercy of her. He is confronted with these grotesque faces. At the same time, the impression of looking into a mirror arises. The generated mood can be described as threatening and scary. The people of the group exude a sense of hostility. Only a single shadow in the right half of the picture meets this human current.
The illustrated group of faceless, uniform grimaces could be interpreted as a metaphor for the bourgeoisie. One could even interpret a criticism of the bourgeoisie of the time. Form, clothing, facial expression and probably also of collective thinking are overcooked to a uniform mass. Equally involuntary sheaths, people stream towards their destination in the evening. The mass of people is contrasted with the individual. Considering Munch's work and his biography, it can be concluded that he sees himself as the individual passer-by who bravely moves away from the stream and out of the crowd.
The painting is considered to be the counterpart of the 1890 impressionist style work Spring on Karl Johans gate. © Meisterdrucke
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Abend auf der Karl Johan Straße (AT) Abend auf der Karl Johan Straße (DE) Abend auf der Karl Johan Straße (CH) Evening on Karl Johan Street (US)
Serata in Karl Johan Street (IT) Soirée rue Karl Johan (FR) Avond op Karl Johan Street (NL) Tarde en la calle Karl Johan (ES) Вечер на улице Карла Йохана (RU)
कार्ल जोहान स्ट्रीट पर शाम (HI) 晚上在卡尔约翰街 (ZH) Noite na rua Karl Johan (PT)

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